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Landing Page CMS

When onboarding a new partner, the process of creating a new template landing page for them is cumbersome, error prone and involved several different departments.

  • UX Design
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • ClientLendKey
  • DateFebruary 2015
Dort Partner Landing Page

The Goal

Create a content management system that allows the account management team to easily create and add/edit/delete pages with custom content and variables.

The Project

Deconstruct the current system and map elements to a new design. Create a custom content management system giving users the abilility to control client pages without having to reach out to a developer. Utilizing a node.js templating system we could create a CMS that solves for all the current and future issues.

Landing Page Variables Breakdown


After recognizing the issue I proposed a solution that would generate the least possible impact from a back-end tech perspective. I conducted interviews of the system's users and completed a competitive analysis. I drafted process flows and created wireframes. Afterwards, I helped the full-stack developer break down coding and business requirements, checking in as they completed project milestones.

Process Flows
Annotated Wireframes
Annotated Wireframes