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Push & Shove

I announced "Push & Shove" at the bi-annual, 48-hour hackathon, and quickly assembled a team of super smart developers. With wireframes already in place we designed and developed a working prototype to showcase. My team won 1st place!

  • UX Design
  • Product Owner
  • User Research
  • ClientYodle, Inc.
  • DateJune 2014

The Problem

When prospective customers agreed to a demo of the product the sales rep. had to walk them through a 45 minute PowerPoint over a screen share. They followed a script that lived in a binder, worked through objection handling taped to the walls of their cubical and had to constantly refer to hand written notes about the prospect and their business.

The Goal

Using push notification technology, mirror the screen of a Sales Rep walking a prospect through the Sales Demo. Added functionality is to include customer information, objection handling, notes, script, timer, jump to slide and more.

My Contribution

An "aha moment" happened when I thought about mixing available technologies to offer a seamless, trackable, dynamic solution to all the issues plaguing the sales demos. I led the team of designers and developers, and while I couldn't do the heavy lifting of programming the app, produced a video to kick off our presentation and made sure they were well fed and imbibed.

Playing Videos

One huge issue with using was that it wouldn't support watching videos. The sales rep had to direct users away from the screen share to watch a specific video, then guide them back. It was cumbersome, especially for users that weren't very familiar with computers to start.

Playing Videos

Dynamic Scripting

Sales reps were forced to follow specific scripts, that couldn't be open on their screens (because they were sharing their screen). The scripts were in binders and they were forced to write the prospective customer's name and company and location on a notepad - referring to it when they needed to read them off in the script. And changes? Forget about it. A change in the script meant the company had to print out 800+ copies.

Push & Shove changed that. The scripts are now listed on the dashboard and accept dynamic content. It's easier to update and test.

Playing Videos

Objection Handling

Another scripted part of the sales rep's toolbox are canned responses to a prospect's objections. The sales reps had these printed out and taped around their cubicles. Push & Shove could now have them inline!

Objection Handling